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Apr 22, 2021

Remy Blumenfeld is one of the world's leading business coaches and advisors. He has contributed more than 50 articles to Forbes and has been listed by the Independent Newspaper as one of the 20 most influential LGBTQ people in the United Kingdom. He has been featured in the New York Times, the Sunday Times, Forbes and Inc.

His clients are leaders from across the creative sector, from  film, tv, advertising, publishing and gaming.  

But it hasn’t always been easy.  In his late twenties Remy was working as a TV producer for a British TV channel that came off air.  Overnight he was out of work and broke.

So, Remy started his first business from his bedroom in a crime-ridden area of London. He had no previous experience of running a company.

Eight years later, I’m happy to report, Remy sold his first company for a high multiple to the world’s largest production company. 

On the way, he had to learn a lot about what it takes to build and grow a business, driven by ideas, that someone will one day want to buy. Remy says he learned by making many mistakes that  cost him millions of dollars.  Mistakes he is now helping others to avoid. 

Remy has created Stand Out, a nine part course for founders, because he says he so wished that there had been a resource like this for him, when he launched his first company. 

He uses his decades of experience to support and guide founders of content-driven companies, who want to grow and perhaps some day sell their company.  His journey has been a life-changing experience, and his goal is to share this experience with you.